Dental Restorations to Make Your Smile Shine

Close up image of happy familyOur restorative dentists offer a wide range of dental solutions at Castaic Dental Center. We offer you options to achieve a beautiful smile while simultaneously improving your oral health.

At Castaic Dental Center, we are committed to providing excellent dental care. Whether you need a filling, crown, or dental implants, our team has the skill and experience to serve your needs. Visit our office in Santa Clairita, CA, today so that we can help you feel great about your one-of-a-kind smile!


What Type of Restoration is Most Suitable for You?

If you have one or more missing, damaged, or decayed teeth, your care will involve a restoration. Dental restorations serve to repair a tooth's structure or to replace one or more teeth. They can provide oral health benefits, an enhanced appearance, and increased confidence in your smile.

Castaic Dental Center provides several kinds of restorative services, including:

Dental Implants to Restore Your Smile

Image of 3D render of dental implantDental implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed into your jaw to support replacement teeth. This procedure allows us to replace missing teeth smoothly and offers you a durable alternative to removable dentures. With dental implants, you receive a smile that appears and feels completely natural.

The overall process of receiving dental implants is straightforward but will take place over several months. Once your mouth heals from treatment, we will secure your new teeth in place.

Composite Fillings to Mend Damaged Teeth

Composite fillings repair teeth impacted by decay, cracks, or fractures. They are tooth-colored to blend in easily alongside other healthy teeth. This factor is particularly advantageous for repairing front teeth and more visible areas of your smile. Amalgam fillings are also available at Castaic Dental Center, and we encourage you to discuss your options to help you decide what is more suitable for you.

How Do Dental Crowns Work?

Image of young man with healthy smile holding tabletA crown, sometimes known as a "dental cap," is a covering placed over an entire tooth to restore its natural shape. A crown protects the tooth when smaller restorations, such as a filling, cannot repair the damage. At Castaic Dental Center, we provide high-quality porcelain crowns that can match the color of your healthy teeth. Using porcelain crowns, we can enhance your natural smile while protecting your teeth at the same time.

A dental crown procedure typically takes two appointments. At the first appointment, we make several impressions of your teeth, which are then used to craft a custom-fitted crown. We provide a temporary crown immediately, while the custom crown takes about two weeks to complete at a dental laboratory. At your second appointment, we remove the temporary crown, clean the underlying tooth, and cement your custom crown in place.

The Basics of Dentures & Partial Dentures

We offer two types of dentures to choose from, depending on your situation. Complete dentures are an option when all of your teeth are missing. Partial dentures are used when some of your natural, healthy teeth remain. A partial denture fills the space created by missing teeth and prevents other teeth from shifting over time, thus preserving as much of your natural smile as possible.

Dentures are made at a dental lab after unhealthy teeth been removed and the gum tissue has healed. After the dental lab has completed your dentures, we adjust and place them to ensure a comfortable fit for you.

What Are Fixed Bridges?

A fixed dental bridge is a permanent restoration that can effectively replace missing teeth. Common materials for dental bridges include porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal. In a traditional bridge, a pair of crowns are placed over natural teeth on either side of a gap, suspending artificial teeth between them. A fixed bridge can typically replace a maximum of three teeth in a row.

The process of installing a fixed bridge typically requires at least two visits. On your first visit, we create impressions of your teeth and jaw, and we also make and install a temporary crowns. We will check the permanent bridge to ensure it fits properly before securing it in place on the second visit.

Root Canal Therapy to Save Your Smile

Image of tooth model showing an infected pulpRoot canal therapy is a procedure that can save a tooth impacted by decay or infection. In order to preserve your tooth, the living tissue inside the tooth (known as pulp) will be surgically removed. The resulting space is filled with medicated dental materials to restore the impacted tooth fully.

This process prevents your need for tooth replacement procedures. We address simple root canals in-office, and we refer you to a trusted endodontist for complex root canal procedures.

Maintain Your Dental Health at Castaic Dental Center

We are here to help restore your smile's natural beauty through whichever dental restoration you may need. Contact Castaic Dental Center today in Santa Clairita, CA,  to discover which dental solutions are the most effective for you.


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