Dr. Charu Aggarwal

Dentistry is my passion! I love the work I do. It is so comforting to me when I am able to relieve my patients from their pain.  It feels like I have accomplished something. It is my aim and goal to put a smile on my patient’s face. It is always encouraging to hear when my patients share their positive experiences with me.

I grew up in India and attended Himachal Dental College. When I visit India, I volunteer my time as a dentist to the poor schools and villages who have never had the means to receive dental care. I also attend educational conferences on a regular basis to keep up on the latest and advanced techniques in the dental industry. I am a firm believer that actively participating in continuing education allows me to provide my patients the best and most innovative care. I am happily married and have twin girls. I enjoy spending time with my family. You can find me writing and reading in my spare time. I have future aspirations on furthering my education and one day, publishing one of my articles.